Meal Planning Chaos

I’m going to remain focused this time.  We are going to talk about meal planning and how Kroger is my new night and shining armor.  P.s. I am still on the plane to NH and may give a double whammy this week!  But by the time you are reading this, you already know if it is a 2 for 1 week or if I delayed posting.  P.s. All the beer is done on this flight and I am happy with all the snacks I got robbed

Kroger is the best thing that ever happened to me.  Judge all you want.  But I had a delivery this week for a family of 5 that cost me under $90.  That was breakfast, lunches, dinners AND snacks for 5 growing humans!  Yes Ben and I are also growing as we have been very lazy lately and not going to the gym.  (Sorry for calling you out babe)

I run a group on Facebook for women business owners in Lake & Polk county of FL.  We plan events, training, and host guest speakers to connect us and educate us to be better owners for our communities.  This lady named Gwen was our last speaker.  She is a business coach unlike any other.  Like 2 sentences out of her mouth and I was inspired.  Gwen, take no offense to the next part.  Gwen had her ish together.  But I am not her.  I refuse to mimic another human on this earth because the only one I want to mimic, is seated at the right hand of the Father.  But this B totally saved me some sanity and cash money since the short 2 weeks ago that she presented to us #bossbabes. ( Told ya I’d keeping using it)

She inspired me to be structured in my home life like I am in my business.  Was that the message? Nope I highly doubt it.  But for some reason, the home life we were just shooting the shit about, is what got me.  Yes she gave incredible and expensive information to us for free that could excel our businesses the way we want.  And what I heard was get your damn house in

In came meal planning.  Sick of hearing “mommy what’s for dinner?  Problem solved!  While Gwen plans the entire month of dinners (bad ass); I started planning the week. That’s all my brain could handle.  “Mommy, what’s for dinner “. My new response?   Check the calendar.  It’s FANTASTIC!  Where do you get the meals you ask?  Pinterest!!  I searched quick healthy meals and found KID FRIENDLY recipes. Y’all… this was a game changer.  

I planned the entire week.  Sloppy joes, pasta primavera, lemon chicken, left over nights, and on your own night.  So planning is done.  Time to execute.  My friend Chris told me that Kroger now delivers to our area and my first thought was “What the hell is Kroger?”  Then I googled it and OMG.  A light from heaven turned on.  They have free items.  Like FREEEEEEEEE.  No strings attached.  I got strawberries, milk, chips, and cream cheese for free!  So I put together the ingredient list and BAM had them delivered right to my door.  The driver wouldn’t accept a tip.  Kroger… please work on that part.  I was 99% happy with your service.  Allowing me to tip your driver will make it 100. 

Ok so here I am, only $90 in the hole and I start to cook my first meal.  Pinterest for the win!  It was a success.  2nd meal, success.  3rd meal, success. You get the idea now.  I am forever changed.  I now plan ahead and cook healthier meals that the entire family eats.  We now eat as a family at the table together, pray before we eat, and talk about our days together.  Gwen gave me more than inspiration to crush my business, she gave me something our family had been missing for so long.  Quality family time.  And there is no price tag for that. Thank you Gwen.

Do you need Gwen in your life?  Email me at and I’ll get you her contact info!